How Bumble+Flow Works


Expert teachers in the privacy and comfort of your own home? Yes, please! We will happily create a program designed for your specific needs and personality. 


You want a crazy sweat inducing cardio session filled with calisthenics and insane core work? You need to tone your arms and back for that special occasion? You are searching for mindfulness and a program that will make you feel mentally and physically whole? You are traveling and need a session created for you with videos and written workouts so you can stay fit in your hotel room? We will create a program for you!  Whatever your exercise needs our we will help you feel your absolute best! 


Once Bumble+Flow receives your inquiry you will be sent an assessment questionnaire. Fill it out, send it back, and we set up your complementary 20 minute skype session.  It is completely free of charge, no strings attached! Our owner, Molly Cuff, will Skype with you personally to discuss your goals, note any limitations, and get a full understanding of how Bumble and Flow can help you. 

We will set up your first hour training based around your schedule!  We work seven days a week from 8a-9p. (Inquiries welcome should you need different availability.)


This is the best part! We can come to you! In the privacy of your own home or space we will come with all the necessary props to give you a fantastic workout! 

We travel to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and some parts of Queens and the Bronx.  (Inquiries welcome!)

But, I live in a tiny studio in NYC and don't have space?! That's ok too!  Our home studio is located in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY (off the G or A/C). We are able to rent space at the easily accessible midtown studios in Manhattan or BAX in Brooklyn for just a few dollars more.


Great! We cannot wait to start working with you.  Send us an email at bumbleandflow@gmail.com (or go to the "contact" tab on this site and submit the form) and we will set up your session based on your availability. Once you are ready to purchase, go to the "purchase" tab on this site and choose your amount of sessions.