Molly Kelleher, Owner, Bumble+Flow

Molly has always been a mover.  When she was little you couldn't get her to sit down (ask her parents).  Thank goodness for theater! Molly went on to study acting, voice and dance at Emerson College. Dancers use Pilates to enhance their practice and it was at Emerson that she discovered this amazing way to tone and strengthen her body. After college she sustained a hip injury and while it will always be an anatomical challenge to keep her overly flexible body in correct position, Pilates will always be the cure. Yoga came into her life as a child thru her mother's practice. She has always seen Yoga as much more than asana. Yoga teaches her how to live a loving and authentic life.  Barre is the more fun than any time at the bar! It brought together her love of Pilates, Yoga and dance and fantastic music! 

Molly has been teaching for ten years and holds certifications from STOTT Pilates, Balanced Body Barre and Finding Inner Peace Yoga. She is fully insured and CPR/First aid certified.

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