Types of Classes:

Current Public Classes:

Pilates Flow

Tuesdays 1:30 Sacred, Fort Greene



Other Class Types Offered in Private/Group Sessions:




Cardio Beat

Movement, flow and toning! Barre-'Lates is a dance based form of movement that combines the grace and flow of ballet with the strength and anatomical stability of Pilates.



High intensity interval training with a Pilates abs focus. You will sweat, lunge, jump, squat and burn a ton of calories in this athletic cardio session set to amazing beats!





Turn up the barre! An athletes dream! Strength, length, core support, dance and cardio.



Pilates Mat



Pilates mat meets fascial release. Lots of props, stretching and lengthening.


The hardest form of Pilates. You use your body against gravity and small props to tone, strengthen, and align your whole system.


Hatha Yoga. A beautiful combination of all 8 limbs of yoga.  Some classes will be athletic, others more meditative, the needs of the class are met by the teacher.